In the process of establishing the international financial reporting standards and permanent changes in the Tax Code, very often, even qualified accountants hardly solve complicated issues. But that is natural, because the financial reporting standards are changing and improving, as well as tax and business laws; often business situation is changing at the company and there appears some operations and factors that were unknown for the accountant before; sometimes, modified normative regulations are ambiguous and obscure.
Under these conditions, there are issues that only a qualified specialist can solve.
Outsourcing harmoniously complements the experience of company’s specialists and helps them to understand some problematic issues. Due to this the company is protected against the risks, such as delay in providing the information, incorrect understanding of some matters,

decision-making based on improper information, overlooking and disregarding (unintentionally) tax demands and others.
Consulting services of Consaudi Ltd are focused on determination of clients’ accounting and taxation issues and finding professional solutions.
Consaudi Ltd provides consulting services in the following fields:
1.      Accounting;
2.      Financial reporting;
3.      Taxation;
4.      Tax returns;

If you apply to our company, you can get:
1.      One-time consulting; and/or
2.      Consulting services for subscribers.

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